Premium Powder Coating: The Process Explained

When looking for a method to protect an item while not destroying its aesthetic qualities, many industries opt for powder coatings. The application of a premium powder coating ensures the surface of each metal component is decoratively but functionally prepared to fulfill its role. In Grand Rapids, the optimal result relies on the operators adhering to specific steps for the entire process to be successful.

Basic Steps

The process always begins with the preparation of the substrate surface. This is essential if the coating is to be a success. It involves the following:

 * Pretreatment: This comprises the removal of all dirt, grease, rust and similar contaminants from each part. It may utilize chemicals or abrasive tools

 * Post pretreatment: It is essential to thoroughly dry the part. Common methods include:

* air-drying, e.g., hanging racks

* oven setting

Powder application follows the pretreatment process. This may involve the use of either spray or fluidized-bed techniques. During this process, the operator negatively charges each particle. The component is grounded ensuring it both attracts and attaches the paint particles to its surface. This electrostatic attraction abets the process of even application of a premium powder coating as well as increasing the speed at which it will dry.

The next step is to place the component into a curing oven to dry. It will emerge with a finish that is both smooth and durable. The operator than concludes the process by cooling it off. This provides a part ready for use in various industries in Grand Rapids.

Premium Powder Coating

Powder coatings increase the life of the components they coat. In construction and architecture, the need remains high for this type of coating. Such industrial concerns in places as distant as Grand Rapids, MI, and Tokyo, Japan realize the benefits of relying on a premium powder coating to ensure the pleasing aesthetics of their projects without decreasing its ability to perform its function.

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