Precast Quality: Insulated Concrete Forms in Coldwater, MI

Precast concrete is a widely used construction material in many different types of buildings. A concrete supplier can order precast concrete to meet certain specifications for deliveries of insulated concrete forms in Coldwater, MI directly to a jobsite. The concrete’s quality is easier to control by the manufacturer than it is by the contractor in the field. The use of precast concrete ensures that the material’s quality is consistent and of the highest standard.

Economical and Efficient

Precast concrete is manufactured in a controlled environment where methods are more efficient than they are in the field, which lowers overhead costs. Insulated concrete forms (ICF blocks) are unitized blocks that are energy-efficient and reduce electricity costs in the long run. Becker & Scrivens Concrete Products Inc. supplies ICF blocks that are assembled on-site to provide the highest quality concrete construction materials. ICF’s are durable, insulated precast blocks that are reinforced with steel, and they are up to 44% more energy efficient than traditional building materials.

Innovative and Versatile

The design of insulated concrete forms features an innovative blend of factory quality, field versatility, structural integrity, and energy efficiency that gives owners a durable and cost effective building solution. ICFs make a permanent and reliable substrate for exterior walls, building floors, and roofs. The modular forms are assembled and dry-stacked with interlocking joints, which negates the need for time-consuming mortar joints. Once the units are assembled and locked together, they are filled with reinforced concrete to form a structurally sound building component.

ICF construction is useful for low-rise commercial building applications, as well as for high performance residential construction. ICF construction makes it easier for building owners to meet stringent requirements in both energy efficiency and natural disaster resistance in modern building codes. The simplicity of erection makes ICFs a good alternative to more labor-intensive, inefficient building materials.

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