Pre-Launch Offers: Important Things you Should Know

A few days ago, you heard a friend in the real estate business talk about a Pre launch offer in Mumbai from Since then you have been wondering what exactly is a pre launch, simply defined, pre launch is a period of time set aside to promote new properties. The aim of a pre launch is to attract potential business partners, investors and buyers through a one-time offer. It is important to note that a pre launch offer only runs for a limited time. Investors use pre launch offers to spread word on new opportunities as efficiently and quickly as possible. The aim of the investor is to stir interest in potential partners and entice them to come on board.

Pre launch offers are common in the real estate sector. A developer decides he wants to build a high-rise complex in Mumbai. Before he lays the foundation stone, he starts the pre launch advertising. The goal of the developer is to attract would-be investors and potential buyers to buy the property before it is complete. It is interesting to note that some developers give pre launch offers because they are short on capital to start or finish the project.

Many people take advantage of pre launch offers because they give them the opportunity to own pieces of property for much less. However, care must be taken when accepting pre launch offers. As has already been stated, some developers do not have enough capital. They give the offers so that they can get the funds to start construction. In the event that the developer does not raise enough capital with the pre launch offer, there is a good chance that the project may not see the light of day. It may take some time before you get your money back. It is important to research about a company before committing to a pre launch offer. Property websites such as are excellent places to learn more about properties on sale in Mumbai. You can also get information on pre-launch projects and offers on the websites.

12Pre launch is time set aside for purposes of promoting new properties. Pre launch offers are one-time offers for attracting potential partners, buyers and investors to join a construction project so that it can be completed successfully.

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