In Praise Of Tempur Pedic Mattresses

Having the right mattress is very important. If you do not choose one that matches your body’s needs, you may well find yourself suffering from a poor night’s sleep. If the mattress is totally unsuitable, you may also find you not only toss and turn all night, but also that your back aches. While many Americans are still satisfied with the traditional innerspring mattress, others are not. They prefer a Tempur Pedic. In Jackson MS, this is becoming more common as people consider the benefits of this newer type of mattress.

What is a Tempur Pedic Mattress?

Tempur Pedic is the original “Memory Foam” mattress. Its origins date back to the NASA experiments when two men in particular,  Chiharu Kubokawa of Ames Research Center, affiliated with NASA, and Charles A. Yost of the Stencel Aero Engineering Corporation got together to create an unusual substance. This was viscoelastic – a substance Yost referred to as it “temper foam.”
Memory foam mattresses did not appear on the market until 1991. This was in Europe. It came to the United States the following year and was soon marketed as Tempur Pedic. Since the 1990s, it has continued to increase its market share as people turn to improving their night’s sleep by changing their mattress.

Tempur Pedic and the Perfect Mattress

When people think of the perfect mattress, the words comfort and back support, come to mind. Tempur Pedic mattresses claim to be beneficial on both these counts. In addition, Tempur Pedic Jackson MS users claim:
*Shape Shift: These mattresses are sensitive to weight. They alter their shape to complement the curves of an individual’s body. This is true for each body that sleeps in the bed
*Temperature Sensitive: If you have a high body temperature, the Tempur Pedic mattress will become softer; if your body temperature is cool, the mattress reflects this by becoming firmer
*Weight Bearing: A Tempur Pedic mattress can bear most weights comfortably. It is suitable for those who are light and those who fall into the heavier and even obese categories
*Motion Separation: The mattress moves in accordance to each partner but does not ripple over form one person to another. As a result, each partner can sleep unaffected by another’s tossing and turning

Tempur Pedic mattresses offer many diverse benefits. The only sticking point for some people is the price. They are more expensive than other mattresses are. Perhaps the best way to look at the cost of a Tempur Pedic, Jackson MS mattress specialists feel, is to consider it an investment. Its warranty and quality are an assurance that this mattress is not simply for a good sleep for tonight and tomorrow night. A Tempur Pedic is there to provide you a good comfortable life for many years to come. Considering buying a Tempour Pedic in Jackson MS? Why not check out Mattress Direct online at . We can offer you a fine selection at reasonable rates.

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