Practical Tips for Finding the Best Provider of Dental Insurance in Oregon

Having dental insurance helps you save on dental treatment costs and ensures you don’t miss out on any checkups or treatments because of prices. However, finding good dental insurance can be tasking because of the numerous choices in the market.

Thankfully, experts have outlined a few tips to help you compare and get the best dental insurance in Oregon.

Evaluate Your Needs

Create a general list highlighting your and your family’s oral or dental health needs. These should be past, current, and predicted. You should also indicate how much you have spent on dental care in the past.

This serves as a benchmark to see how frequently you need dental services and how expensive they are to determine if you need a comprehensive, more expensive plan.

Understand Dental Insurance Types

Every dental insurance plan type has different benefits, costs, deductibles, coverage, etc.

• Dental Preferred Provider Organizations (DPPO)- These have a dentist network that charges less. However, you can visit an out-of-network dentist for a higher fee. They have deductibles and mostly have maximum payout amounts.

• Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)- These focus on preventive care, and you must visit the dentists in the network. The network is smaller than a DPPO’s, but you pay lower monthly or annual premiums.

Network Size

Before you choose a plan, ensure they have a nationwide network with highly recognized dentists. That way, you will not be limited to where you can live.

Understand The Coverage

Look for a plan that covers 70-100% for preventive care services (checkups, cleanings, x-rays, etc.), 50-70% for basic routines (simple extractions, fillings, etc.), and 0-50% for major services (implants, orthodontia, periodontal work, etc.).

Available Plan Options

Consider a dental cover with options like Bronze, Silver, and Gold. This helps you choose based on your budget and the level of coverage required.

Waiting Period

Consider a plan with no waiting period for preventive services, below six months for basic procedures, and below 12 months for major services.

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