A Plumber in Putnam County Can Save You A Lot Of Trouble

A plumber is someone you don’t think about until you need one. Have you thought about having a plumber check your sewer line for blockages and your water lines in the house for leakages? You cannot see either of these potential problems until significant damage has been done to your home. A Plumber in Putnam County can be a big help to you. Click here for more information.

The sewer line clogs can form from tree roots that often travel over a 100 feet seeking water. The roots will find a way into the line and form a massive water tight clog. You will not know this until sewage starts backing up in your home. The sewer line may be old and it may have broken up. Clay and cast iron pipes in older homes will do this.

The best action a homeowner can take is to Hire a Plumber in Putnam County to run a mini-cam through the line, which sends pictures back to a screen. That allows the plumber to see exactly what is in the line. If the walls are covered with grease and debris, you might want that material cleaned with the same tool used to break up a clog. This tool is a set of cutter blades that will fit into the line and, under high water pressure, the cutters will rotate at a high rpm. This will clean the walls and breakup a clog with no trouble. Of course, if you have a six inch diameter line you want to make sure the plumber uses six inch diameter cutter blades. If you notice wet spots in the yard above the sewer line, then this is an indication the line is broken and needs to be replaced. This problem can also be seen by the mini-cam.

Water leaks in the house can be detected by a Plumber in Putnam County with the use of high-tech electronic water detectors. Polybutylene pipe will leak after between 10 and 15 years because of the poor quality of the piping. This material tends to fail on the inside and then break to allow a leak. A plumbing technician can identify this piping and look for leaks, but the best action plan is to re-pipe the house. Leaks can be fixed but not without a risk of another leak occurring. Cassidy Plumbing Putnam County can tell you if this piping is in your home.

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