Picking Out Glasses Frames in New York City

When someone is in need of corrective lenses, they may want to look for Glasses Frames in New York City that fit their face shape properly. Knowing what face shape one has will help with the selection of a great looking pair of frames.

To figure out what face shape someone has, they should first have someone take a photograph of them while they look straight ahead. This should be printed on a printer or via a photo printing service. A piece of tracing paper can be placed over the picture, and the face can be traced with a marker. When the paper is removed, the shape seen will help the person decide on frames.

Someone with a round head would look best in glasses with rectangular frames. This will help the face appear elongated and will draw attention toward the sides of the face rather than focusing on the middle portion. To make the eyes seem further apart, opting for frames with a nose bridge in a different color will be helpful.

If someone has a rectangular face shape, they will look best in cat eye styled frames. This will draw attention away from the jawline. Half-rimmed styled frames also work best for this face shape as they draw the attention toward the upper half of the face.

Someone with a heart shaped face would look great in aviator style glasses. Glasses with embellishments on the sides works, well at drawing attention away from a pointed chin. Oval faces also look best in glasses that are top-heavy. Frames with clear bottoms or in a butterfly style work well.

Square shaped faces look best with narrow frames. This helps balance the look of the face. Rounded corners will help make the face appear lengthened. Someone with a narrow face should look for taller frames for the best look. Browse the website to learn more about products and services.

Picking out Glasses Frames in New York City can be a fun activity if face shape is considered. For more information on designer frames and what type looks best for each face shape, take a visit to Charlottejonesopticians.com for further information on this topic.

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