Pest Control In Longmont, CO Can Save Your Lawn

Pest Control Longmont CO is an often overlooked aspect of having a gorgeous lawn. While some homeowners are lucky and get by without practicing pest control for their lawns, other people have to deal with lawn damage. There are several homeowners who don’t even realize that pests are causing damage to their lawns.

Starting Before Problems Begin

It’s best for a property owner to contact a company like Wards Lawn Service while there aren’t any lawn problems. A pest problem can start quickly if a lawn isn’t protected. Pests from a neighbor’s lawn might move to the yard and start to establish a presence. A professional will know the right preventative measures to take to protect a lawn. What’s more, they will be able to protect the grass without causing any damage. If a homeowner tries pest control on their own, they might damage grass, flowers, and even harm pets.

Identifying Pests

A homeowner doesn’t have to be a pest expert to identify pests in their yard. They might be able to snap a picture of the pest and compare it to photos found online. There are some lawn pests that are common to most areas in the country. A person only has to worry about identifying pests if they are planning to do their pest control. Pests have different weaknesses. Even if a person is dealing with ants, certain types of ants are resistant to insecticides that affect other species. Visit the website to get help with Pest Control Longmont CO.

The Damage

Pests will damage lawns in different ways. For example, aphids are pests that will suck juices out of blades of grass. That ends up turning the grass from green to yellow or brown. Grubs affect lawns all over the country. While there are different types of grubs, the damage done by the insects is the same. The grubs will eat the roots of the grass. The grass will become discolored as a result.

Pest control protects lawns and keeps grass healthy. It should be practiced along with weed control, even if there aren’t any signs of pests. Click here for more information about Ward’s Lawn Services.

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