Personalized Pub Signs From The Romans To Today

The painted pub sign is one of the oldest forms of popular visual art. They originated or at least owed much to the Romans. Ancient Romans used not words, but symbols to designate the purpose of pubs, inns or shops. If someone sold wine, they used a bush to designate Bacchus, the God of Wine. As you can see, even then, they were personalized pub signs.

Early History

The ruins of Pompeii provide evidence of early Roman signs – the Chequers signboard. This seems to indicate the beginning of the signboard and its usage to identify those buildings that sold alcohol. While much that the Romans had introduced to other parts of the world vanished, signboards were to remain and become part of a society’s popular culture.

The Dark and Middle Ages saw many types of pub signs come into being. They indicated the pub’s name, the location, the main product served and other diverse elements. These were personalized pub signs. They were meant to provide an indication of place as well as purpose. They provided a clear indication of what a pub was and who it served, as well as what it may serve for a majority that could not read or write. In fact, in places such as Cambridge, England, hanging a sign became the law if you were wanted to sell ale. An Act of Parliament in 1430-1 decreed: Whoever shall brew ale in the town of Cambridge with intention of selling it, must hang out a sign, otherwise he shall forfeit his ale.

This approach to carefully selecting what were usually hand-painted personalized pub signs was to carry over into the New World. It became a tradition with some pub signs being recognized across the country while others were strictly local. Today, it is possible to memorialize an individual’s favorite pub and give them a memorable gift by presenting them with one of their favorite but personalized pub signs.

Personalized Pub Signs

Today, there is a variation on a theme. Pub signs are no longer as personal as they once were. However, it is possible to make them achieve this goal on an individual level. You can combine the art of pub signs with the individual’s name and/or picture you can produce truly personalized pub signs. In doing so, you have

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