Performing Precise Vibration Analysis in Austin Using Lasers

In medicine, an electrocardiogram (EKG) is a primary diagnostic tool to detect problems in a human heart. By comparing readouts taken at various intervals, doctors can identify a problem in the heart’s functioning and thereby determine a course of treatment to bring the heart back to full health. In a similar manner, when a problem develops in an industrial machine, service technicians use an analogous method to detect the anomaly. This method is vibration analysis and its usage can reveal a defective or misaligned part requiring attention.

Turning machines, drilling machines, devices which must function through multiple axes in its motions, are collections of turning and moving parts subjected to physical stresses. When these parts begin to fall out of their proper alignments, vibrations are the telltale sign. Not the ordinary vibrations which are expected in the design but the ones which fall out of those predicted ranges.

The performance of precision vibration analysis in Austin involves the use of laser alignment testing rigs as well as thermographic analysis and ultrasound. However, the laser equipment yields the most accurate readings of all the equipment used to evaluate a machine’s functioning. By measuring the frequency of vibration and the deviation it induces in a beam, imbalances can be readily identified. Analysis of the results is performed by both experienced technicians and by automatic evaluation of all data compiled by the control computer in real-time.

The advantages of vibration analysis are readily apparent. Catching problems early has the immediate effect of saving on both repair and production costs. Even with a full scale industrial operation utilizing an entire manufacturing line, the temporary loss of any one unit has its negative impact. By preventing the need for extensive repairs, manufacturing operations will not suffer the negative costs incurred either through the repair expense or loss in productive capacity. The reliability of production machines is guaranteed through their entire expected service lives.

Schedule an appointment if a fault in a vital machine is suspected or even to begin a program of regular preventative maintenance. Professional Vibration Analysis in Austin can end up saving your company many thousands of dollars over the long run and put or keep the operation running profitably. Contact us today.

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