Overlooked Procedures Performed by a Dentist

by | Jul 26, 2012 | Dentistry

When you think of a trip to the dentist, you often think of getting your teeth cleaned, fillings placed, dentures fitted or a long list of other procedures that involve fixing your teeth in some way. However, there is yet another long list of services that some dentists can provide that still deal with your mouth but not necessarily your teeth. Knowing what services dentists can provide will allow you to find the right professional if you ever need them.

Cleft Palate

Some babies are born with a condition called cleft palate. With this condition, the roof of the mouth doesn’t develop properly while the baby is in utero. Once the baby is born, though, this condition must be resolved so the baby can eat normally and enjoy a normal life. Some dentists are trained to perform the procedures necessary to repair this birth defect to give the baby the best chance at a normal life.

Facial Surgeries

Most people think of going to a plastic surgeon for facial reconstructions and other facial surgeries. However, in some cases, a dentist may become a necessary part of these types of surgeries. When the reconstruction or other surgery requires reconstruction of the mouth or jaw, the assistance of a qualified dentist may become necessary to complete the surgery in the best possible way.


Oral cancer can be another area where dentists must step in and assist with surgery and other portions of the treatment. When you are dealing with a tumor in this area, whether it is cancerous or benign, it is important to have a trained professional who can remove it without causing any damage to the surrounding area. Whether the dentist simply comes in to assist with the procedure or he completes it himself, having this professional as part of the treatment team will ensure your mouth stays as healthy as possible.

Dentists perform more than just the typical procedures you often think of when you hear about this profession. These dentists can sometimes perform dental surgeries that help with a vast array of problems, from a cleft palate to facial surgeries to oral cancer. A dentist is a useful person to have included in any procedures to ensure the integrity of the mouth stays intact and the mouth in general stays as health as possible. With the help of trained dentists, your other doctors will be able to complete these procedures with the best possible results.

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