Over-the-Counter vs Professional – Understanding Teeth Whitening in DC

Everyone wants a bright, sparkling smile. Over the course of everyday life, however, teeth become yellowed and darker. Brushing is not always enough to remove years of stains from foods, drink, and lifestyle choices. Whitening is the only way to restore your pearly whites. There are two different types of Teeth Whitening in DC, over-the-counter and professional. Understanding the differences between the two will help you make the best decision on how to make your smile whiter.

Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

If you go into any local drugstore, you will find several different types of over-the-counter teeth whitening products. These range from toothpaste to whitening strips. Each type is designed to remove surface stains from your teeth. Whitening toothpaste usually contains baking soda and peroxide in small amounts. The baking soda effectively removes fresh stains, while the peroxide reaches deeper to bleach discoloration. These toothpaste only whiten one or two shades. Whitening strips, however, provide better results. They are worn on top of the teeth for a specified amount of time. Each brand has different time recommendations. Strips are capable of whitening teeth several more shades than toothpaste alone. However, they may also cause tooth sensitivity.

Professional Whitening

If your teeth are very discolored, you may need to schedule an appointment for professional Teeth Whitening in DC. This type of treatment is done under a dentist’s care. Most patients leave with teeth that are up to 10 times whiter than when they arrived. The dentist will use a highly concentrated solution that contains peroxide and other ingredients. They may accelerate the whitening process with a special light that activates the solution. The patient’s gum tissue will be protected with a rubber dam. The results are instantaneous once the solution is rinsed away. Your dentist may even send you home with more solution and a special tray to help you maintain the results at home.

No matter if you choose over-the-counter or professional whitening services, you will see results. For more dramatic whitening results, be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a professional treatment. You can look at more info online and view before and after pictures. A whiter smile may be a single whitening treatment away.

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