Orthopedic Services for Ailments of the Muscles and Nerves and Personal Injuries of No Fault in Honolulu

Orthopedic medical services is cardinal for people with depreciating motile health. Orthopedic conditions impact the musculoskeletal system. It often affects the spinal column, joints, ligaments and bones. Medical services for this condition are not effective without individualized approaches. Patients and doctors work together to find the source of pain, why it’s happening and a comprehensive solution that heals the condition.

When diagnosing patients, physical therapists and orthopedic doctors look for all points of discomfort. Patients may feel pain in one area, but it doesn’t mean that’s where it originates from. Medical offices filled with an adept staff can diagnose the most rare and intricate conditions. The best way to uncover what is happening is with a complete physical examination and all relevant patient health history. Medical professionals use their knowledge of human anatomy, training and sound judgment to label the cause.

If further examination with medical equipment is needed, Electrodiagnostic tests are administered. A physiatrist uses an EMG machine to reveal tiny changes in the muscles and nerves upon electrical stimulation. The machine lets doctors see pinched nerves, diabetic neuropathy, carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy and other maladies of the muscles and nerves. There are advanced ultrasound diagnostic machines that give physicians a view of structures deep within the body. This machine supersedes the X-ray alternative which poses safety risks to the patient.

Forensic orthopedic services are for those who are injured and seeking legal claims. They perform impartial physical examinations for injuries of No Fault in Honolulu. Doctors who perform forensic exams can attest their findings in a litigation court for the patient. They state the relevant medical facts that prove the severity of the injury, what the short and long term effects will be and in what way the incident caused the injury. Those who come in with injuries under the terms of No Fault in Honolulu get fair and honest professional opinions on the prognosis. The orthopedic physician explains how the injury impacts the patient’s life and health care finances. There’s also assistance for worker’s compensation cases, slip and fall accidents and product liability injuries. Contact Portner Orthopedic for more details.

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