Oral Sedation is Available at the Dental Clinic in Mankato MN

There are many people who are absolutely terrified to visit the dentist, even for a simple checkup and cleaning. This is a fear that can be extreme, and for some people it is nearly paralyzing. Just the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair makes some people almost sick to their stomachs. But, everyone needs to have regular dental care, no matter how much they hate the thought of doing so. Those who do have a fear of the dentist can benefit from sedation dentistry. Patients aren’t actually completely asleep, but they are so relaxed that they having any dental work done won’t bother them.

When people visit a Dental Clinic in Mankato MN and need sedation, they are given medications that will help them to relax. Many people think that they are going to be asleep during procedures. While it is possible for some people to be more affected by the medication than others and fall asleep, generally patients are only minimally sedated. The amount of sedation depends on a few factors, including the level of fear patients have and the type of dental procedures that are being performed at the Dental Clinic in Mankato MN.

For those who have minimal sedation, a pill is usually given prior to the dental appointment, and it is to be taken about an hour before the appointment. The pill patients take is usually Halcion, and it makes them drowsy but doesn’t put them completely to sleep. If patients do fall asleep, it is easy to wake them up. This is an excellent option for anyone who has a fear of going to the dentist, but wants to make sure that they receive the care they need from the Dental Clinic in Mankato MN.

Sedation dentistry is also often used on children. In this case, instead of a pill, nitrous oxide is used. This is safe for children, and is often used in pediatric dentistry. Other instances when sedation dentistry is used at a Dental Clinic in Mankato MN include when people have tooth sensitivity, can’t tolerate pain, or need to have a lot of dental work done.

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