Opening Your Eyes to Shamanic Practitioner Training

Do you have a sense that there is something you are meant to be doing that would bring greater fulfillment into your life? Do you feel drawn towards a higher calling or life purpose that is yet to be identified? Are you looking to heal the remaining aspects of your life that you feel are holding you back from fully expressing your gifts in the world? If so, LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine has a curriculum designed for helping you achieve these goals through what is called Shamanic Practitioner Training. They want to shed some light on shamanism.

Shamanism is the oldest documented healing tradition on Earth and has been practiced in nearly every indigenous culture around the globe. Shamanic rituals are performed for the purposes of connecting to the healing Spirits, fortifying the relationships the shamanic healer has with his or her Spirit Allies, and to invoke the particular healing effects being requested. Shamanism practices focus on finding the root of the illness, or other issue being addressed, through the shamanic healer’s abilities to enlist the aid of the Spirits and bring forth the requested healing.

These rituals often include shamanic drumming as a call into the Spirit World. Shamanic drumming assists the shamanic healer by altering the healer’s state of mind, whereby shamanic journeying is able to occur. It is on this journey into the Spirit World that the shamanic healer is able to interact with the Spirits in such a way that facilitates the healing.

A shamanic healer sees three basic causes of illness:

• A loss of personal power which is manifested in issues such as depression, chronic illnesses, or an ongoing run of bad luck;

• Loss of soul essence as a result of physical or emotional suffering or trauma;

• Negative influences that overshadow, block, or attack an individual’s energetic

fields or personal will.

It is the job of the shamanic healer to enlist the help of Spirit Allies to determine the root cause of whatever is ailing the subject so that the healing may take place where the original wound occurred at the level of the soul.

If this type of healing work sounds intriguing to you, you can pursue your shamanic practitioner training through LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine. The school offers courses for the casual student, as well as for the student who wishes to take their shamanic training to the highest level and become a shamanic practitioner.

Whether you are interested in spiritual healing for yourself, and/or you feel called to assist others in their healing processes, the instructors at the LightSong School of Shamanic Studies and Energy Medicine are highly qualified in their discipline. It is their mission to provide the highest quality programs, and expertly guide students through the LightSong School’s shamanic practitioner training.

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