One of the Best Money Saving Investments-Replacement Windows in Prince Georges County MD

If you are looking for a way to save money on heating/cooling costs one of the best ways to get the largest return on investment is to invest in replacement windows in Prince Georges county MD. Windows and doors are a very important part of the overall energy efficiency of your property. Older windows were not crafted with energy efficiency in mind. Today there have been so many advances in window technology that not taking advantage is costly.

Energy Efficiency

There are two tenets to creating an environment that is energy efficient:

1. Keeping the indoor climate in

2. Keeping the outdoor climate out

Whether you are trying to keep your property cool in the summer or warm in the winter, the process is the same. You have to keep the weather out and your climate in. New windows do both of these jobs nicely.

The Problem with Old Windows

The problem with older windows is that even if they are well-made over time, they lose their efficiency as the property settles and gaps form. Of course, older windows also were not built with the goal of keeping your property efficiently using energy.

You can do the “paper test” to see exactly what the problem is with your older windows. Take a piece of toilet paper and hold it on the edge and stand in front of your windows, hold the paper by the frame. If there is any movement of the paper that means that you are losing energy through that window. It can be quite surprising to see how many windows in your property are faulty.

Improve your energy efficiency, save money and get a great long term return with replacement windows. Contact Master Seal Doors and Windows!

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