On the Lookout for New or Used Sporting Goods?

The Sporting goods business is a burgeoning industry. In 2010 the sale of sporting goods and equipment in the US reached $74.2 billion. Clothing and apparel are the biggest sellers, but other equipment like rowing machines, multi-exercise machines and cycles are also popular merchandise in US markets. In the health conscious society we live in, exercise equipment remains a huge market.


A customer has a large number of options when it comes to buying sports gear. Buying branded gear is a good idea as they have better resale in case you want to upgrade or sell at a later date. Top brands are more readily exchanged or sold. New exercise equipment can be expensive. If you are on a tight budget many large local sports goods stores offer new and used equipment. Used equipment in good condition can be an excellent option for those on a shoe string budget. Other used items that local sporting goods stores may stock include golf equipment and gear for lacrosse, water sports, soccer, baseball, softball, football, hockey, snow sports and wheeled sports.


When you buy from large chain outlets you can avail occasional discounts and reduced pricing. Large stores put forward promotional offers and discounts to their customers. As they are dealing with name-brand vendors on a daily basis, stores get discounted goods. The store sometimes passes on these discounts to their clientele so that you get reduced prices when you buy from these stores. If you have sporting goods in clean and good condition, you can trade up and get discounted new merchandise.


Exercise machines are expensive. If you need cash or want to clear out your garage or basement to put the space to alternate use, the best option is to sell the old exercise machines. In case you want to buy new gym equipment trade your old gear in for new. Most sporting stores will send people over to disassemble your equipment if you are not confident doing it yourself. They will pick up and transport the used equipment and drop off your new equipment.


Exercise machines occupy a lot of space. If a treadmill, elliptical machine or exercise bike is gathering dust, call the sales associate at your local sporting goods store and ask if they are buying. If they are in need of your equipment they will check your merchandise and make you an offer. You can make good cash by selling used sporting goods. Louisville, KY residents can contact local stores and chain outlets for great deals and exchange offers.