Nothing Compares to the Beauty of Hardwood Flooring in Glenview

Hardwood floors have been a popular flooring choice for centuries. The allure of a beautifully finished hardwood floor is unequaled by any other material. Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Despite the changes in tastes, trends and styles in interior design, hardwood floors have stood the test of time, proving that the look of wood never tires. There are over 50 species of hardwood flooring available, domestic and exotic, encompassing a broad spectrum of colors, hardness, and price range.

Popular wood species of Hardwood Flooring in Glenview include oak, cherry, ash, birch, and walnut. Recently there has been a marked interest in North American exotics like hickory and maple. Some of the most expensive hardwood flooring in the world is Brazilian Walnut, also called Ironwood. It is the hardest wood in the world, making it an excellent choice for humid areas. It is also pest resistant. No matter what species is chosen, wood flooring is the only renewable flooring material available. Responsible management of forests allows wood the to be harvested without serious repercussions to the environment. Even though it takes the average hardwood 60 years to mature, the trees planted today will not be needed for at least another 100 years.

Once the decision has been made to have Hardwood Flooring in Glenview installed, one must decide on the grade of wood and style of wood floor. The grade of the wood is determined by its look. The clear wood is one with minimal marks or flaws, giving it a uniform appearance. Select wood has natural heartwood and sapwood colors and has knots, burs, streaks and other “flaws.” The three styles of wood planks available are strip, plank, and parquet. Each style is available in any wood species, color, and width. Strips between 1-1/2 and 3-inches wide provide what is considered a traditional look. Plank pieces between 3 and 7-inches wide are considered more casual. Parquet flooring varies in size, and can be laid to create simple or complex geometric designs.

It would be in one’s best interest to visit a hardwood flooring specialist with decades of experience, such as American Carpet Distributors, for help making the right choice in hardwood flooring. Every hardwood floor is a one-of-a-kind creation. This uniqueness can further be enhanced with upgrades like borders, medallions, distressing, mixed media, painted floors and the incorporation of exotic woods.

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