Non-verbal Communication can Ruin your Job Interview

When you have applied for many Canada Faculty Jobs you might be wondering why you have yet to land that lucrative position. You may be unknowingly sending messages during your interview using non-verbal communication. The look on your face in repose, the way your eyes moves when answering questions and when you choose to smile all work together to show your interviewer how you really feel during your interview. Here are some of the ways you might be sending the wrong message at your job interviews.

The Look on your Face
while you sit waiting for your job interview for Canada faculty jobs you may be the unwitting subject of a case study. From the receptionist at the front desk, to the interviewer, you mya be observed to see how your demeanour appears while you await your interview. Because you are trying to make a good impression from the moment you enter the building remember to maintain a pleasant look on your face with an easy smile and avoid a downward moth while waiting. When people are looking at your face an upward position of the mouth indicates you tend to smile more than frown. Even a neutral position will fare better than the downward mouth which makes you look sad and unappealing. As well, once you are in the interview contain your facial expressions. When asked a question do not hesitate to smile when answering as it will indicate you are happy to answer and that you are happy with your answer. Even the slightest hesitation will make it appear you are trying to cover something up. A smile appearing at the end of your answer makes you look less sincere.

The Eyes Have It
Make sure you maintain a comfortable eye contact during your interview and avoid looking away when asked a question. This may appear you are seeking an answer which can look like you are uncertain or lying. When maintaining eye contact it shows you are secure in the interview, know what you are talking about, as well as that you are interested. Darting eyes appear nervous and looking around while the person is speaking shows a lack of interest.

Remaining as comfortable as possible will help you avoid these common interview mistakes and being prepared is one of the best ways to remain confident and relaxed.

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