New Trends in Jewelry

Today, there are many fashion trends out there for bracelets, bangles, necklaces and more. People are looking to find something unique that can not only show off their personality, but also look sophisticated and beautiful. So what are the trends in jewelry that have everyone out there buying new things? They are varied, but a few of them include items like charm bracelets, customizable bangles, and of course statement necklaces.  These items are all popular because of their ability to show off the personality of the wearer and yet they still look sophisticated.

Charm Bracelets

While this may evoke feelings of reminiscence back towards your days in high school and middle school, the charm jewels of today are much more sophisticated and adult. You have all manner of charm jewels that are available for your bracelet including from brands like Pandora. There are also a number of other similar styles that are all over the market. Each one is as unique as the wearer and gives people the option of really trying to see what it is that they want from their wearable personality pieces. Wearers can customize their experience to reflect anything that they want, Be it their love of books to their quest for inner peace, the sky is the limit.

Customizable Bangles

Another trend in Jewelry is customizable bangles. When you are shopping for these in a jewelry store in NY, you might see the Alex and Ani style bangles that almost everyone is wearing. However, just because a number of people are wearing that style does not mean that you will look like just another member of the crowd. The trinkets that you wear will vary from person to person. While one person might want to focus on their nursing career, another might want to focus on their love of all things sports, and yet another person will focus on their birth month and things like that. There is no limit to the ways to customize your wearable personality pieces.

Statement Necklaces

If you have not heard of a statement necklace yet then you need to stop hiding from the fashionable choices of the year. These necklaces, for lack of a better term, make a statement. They are large and in charge, they dress up even the most basic black shirt into looking like something that is runway ready. You can make any outfit into a work or party outfit by simply adding the statement necklace to your wardrobe. Try these and other options at your favorite jewelry store in NY.

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