New Roof Installation in Dayton OH: Metal versus Conventional Roofs

Previously, metallic roofs only used to be found on buildings that were designed by architects. However, with time, it has become common to see a metallic roof on a conventional house. If you are thinking about New Roof Installation in Dayton OH, you should consider getting a metallic roof. However, before you start the process, it is important that you learn about the pros and cons of installing this roof type.

You can install a metallic roof over an existing roof

Part of the things that make roofing such a tedious task is dealing with the removal of the old roof and replacing it with a new one. The good thing about metallic roofs is that you can place them right on top of whatever roofing material you have without any complications. However, you should contact an expert such as R Campbell Roofing LLC if you are thinking about installing a metallic roof over a shingled roof.

Metal roofing does not attract lightning more than a conventional roof

This stereotype about metallic roofs attracting lighting more than other roofing materials has been around for quite a while. However, you need to understand that even if you are in an area prone to lightning, you will only need to put safety measures such as arrestors in place to minimize the occurrence of lightning. In fact, metallic roofs are more secure in lightning prone areas because they are less combustible and should lightning hit, the probability of the house with a metal roof bursting into flames is greatly reduced.

Metallic roofs are durable

Previously, the durability of metallic roofs was greatly compromised by rusting and corrosion. However, practices such as painting the sheet metal, electroplating and galvanizing have made a metallic roof one of the most durable roof types in the market.

There are also cons that come with the installation of a metallic roof:

* Without good sealing and insulation, metallic roofs lead to a lot of heat loss.

* Metallic roofs are difficult to work on, especially when the weather is a bit wet.

Despite these two minor issues, you should consider metal for your New Roof Installation in Dayton OH. To learn more about roofing, go to R Campbell Roofing Inc.

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