New Dentures in Manassas Park

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Dentistry

People often lose teeth as they age, and many patients don’t look forward to the day when their dentist recommends that they get dentures. Many assume that having dentures means giving up favorite foods, and the fear of slippage can be frightening. However, dentures are unique, just like the people who wear them. Dentures can replace some or all of a patient’s teeth, and today’s models look much more natural than those of years gone by.

Denture Options

Some patients can solve dental issues by getting a partial, which fills in gaps between teeth. Partials can be fitted over implants or existing teeth; while they aren’t a permanent solution, they stay securely in place. Another choice is implant-supported dentures. These resemble bridges, but they’re more stable than removable dentures in Manassas Park. However, they are more expensive because of the complexity of the fitting procedure.

When the situation warrants it, and to preserve a patient’s oral health, traditional full dentures are still available. If a patient has no dental coverage, they can often buy a dental discount plan that covers part of the cost of dentures and related care. A local dentist can tell patients more about these plans.

Careful Handling of Dental Appliances

Having natural teeth removed to make room for dentures doesn’t absolve patients of the responsibility of good oral hygiene. If anything, daily denture removal should be approached more carefully, to prevent gingivitis and plaque. To prevent denture breakage, dentists suggests that wearers place the appliance on a towel during cleaning.

Using a soft toothbrush, wearers should brush the gums, any natural teeth, the tongue and the palate to cleanse the mouth of bacteria. After a meal, dentures may be rinsed to remove any stuck-on food particles. Non-abrasive denture cleaner should be applied with a soft brush at least once a day, to leave the appliance clean, fresh and ready for repeated use.

In the past, dentures in Manassas Park were regarded as being “for old people”. However, today’s dentures are worn by patients of all ages. By learning about the various options and by handling dental appliances carefully, patients can get the dentures they need-;and keep them in good shape for a long time.

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