All you Need to Know About Fencing

Fences are one of the oldest man made boundaries since the beginning of time. Some are even naturally produced and can create natural boundaries such as in fields. If you fly over the United Kingdom you can see the vast green patchwork that makes up one of the most beautiful lands on the planet. Different shades of green all split perfectly by bottle green hedge rows or dry stone walls and nearly into a perfect set of squares. If you haven’t flown over it, just take a look at one of the online map services to get an idea.

The styles of fencing change around the country, for instance, the dry stone walls of Lancashire and Yorkshire, along with the thick hedge rows of middle England and Kent and the wire fences of the farmlands of Somerset and Avon. Fencing in Bristol tends to be more urban than rural and therefore it is more likely that people who own homes will buy fencing to make the entrance to their houses more attractive.

Styles and Types

Americans seem to like the idea of Picket fences because they give forth the image of the perfect suburban lifestyle. Not only that but picket fences were influenced largely by the colonial period. England, however, has a mish-mash of different styles based on different historic influences as well as differently appropriate materials. England’s mish-mash is largely due to its mixture between agricultural land and suburban land, as well as towns and cities. Most agricultural areas employ the use of barbed wire fencing to contain livestock and animals. It does not serve well as a privacy fence but is highly functional as a barrier to prevent livestock escaping. Other style of fencing include split rail fencing, better known as ranch style, which can have three rails, four rails or five, depending on the choice of the owner. Other, more permanent choices of fence can be constructed from brick with wrought iron railings inserted as decoration and for practical uses. Fences can be any height and it is totally the choice of the owner as to whether it is meant to prevent people from encroaching on their property or just as a method of being a more visible but metaphoric boundary.

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