Need Car Repair in New Jersey?

Hey New Jersey, how do you know when you’re dealing with the right auto repair shop? If you’re like me, there are a few things you look for. The first thing is trust. Your car is a complex machine, and whether you know a little or a lot about cars, you need to feel confident that your auto repair shop has your best interests at heart. You need someone to give you the straight goods, not someone who’s going to play games. That’s just not how we do things in New Jersey, is it? Frank’s has been serving New Jersey for over 40 years. We’re not some brand name supported by advertising – we’re a family-run company with a business built on referrals from satisfied clients. That’s why we say the customer is our most important asset.

But trust can only get you so far. You also need someone who can get the job done right the first time. Ever been to an auto repair shop, and then three weeks later you’re back in there for the same thing? Yeah, nobody likes that. That’s why you have to work with an auto repair shop that knows everything about their craft. Guys – and gals – with experience, who know auto repair so well that they get it right the first time, every time.

The last thing you look for an in auto repair shop is friendliness. When you deal with someone from the community, people who’ve lived in New Jersey their whole lives, you’re dealing with a neighbor. Someone you can count on. The thing is, there are a lot of auto repair shops in New Jersey that do one of these things, and some that do two. But there aren’t that many that do all three. Frank’s Auto Repair in Fanwood is one of those places.

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