How to Move Your Senior Parent into an Elderly Care Facility

When your parent is ready to move to the next chapter of their life, it may be time to consider moving them into an elderly care facility. Knowing how and when to make this decision can be tricky, and requires a lot of attention and understanding of your parent’s individual needs. Once you have thoroughly communicated with each other, and you’re ready to make that change, you can start planning their move to an elderly care facility.

At Pelican Landing, we specialize in elderly care in Sebastian, FL. If you are looking to move your loved one into a home that offers a variety of specialized services for senior and memory care, consider these tips when getting started.

Do the Paperwork
Like any kind of move, it requires a lot of detail and paperwork to complete. Remember to fill out the simple tasks like changing your parent’s address with the post office and reserving a moving company if you need them on the day of the move. Start packing a couple of months in advance to give your loved one plenty of time to prepare.

Make Them Comfortable
If you are moving them into an elderly care facility like the luxury homes provided at Pelican Landing, you can get them as comfortable as possible by showing them the place ahead of time. Familiarize them with the location, the floor plan, the facilities, and all of the included amenities. They may have a chance to start forming their community and interacting with future neighbors ahead of time.

Get Them Away During the Move
They don’t need to be a part of the physical move, especially if they are elderly and cannot carry boxes on their own. But, don’t just leave them at home; make it a fun day for them! Send them out with a sibling or a friend for a fun and relaxing day while you set up their new home for them. They’ll be more excited to see their new place that way, and they’ll be able to settle in as quickly as possible.

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At Pelican Landing, we provide the best senior care services for elderly residents. From luxury apartments to affordable memory care, we ensure that your loved one will live a comfortable and happy life. Contact us at (772) 581-0366 to speak to a friendly representative today!

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