Minimizing The Fees Of Your Divorce Lawyer

by | Aug 21, 2014 | Lawyers

The fees that you will have to pay your Boise divorce lawyer can be minimized if you can just cooperate with your almost ex-spouse. Let’s face it, the more work you give your lawyer, the higher his or her fees are going to be so, by avoiding unnecessary aggravation and fights the lower will be the lawyer’s fee. It is possible to save more if you are in a position to do some of the work that is necessary without the help of your lawyer, it is also less expensive to file for a uncontested divorce than one which is contested but whatever way you go, do everything you can to minimize court appearances.

Getting a divorce is serious, it is also a time of maximum stress but it is not necessary that it has to be accompanied by unnecessarily high bills from your lawyer. Many divorces are not difficult; they actually can be quite simple to conduct. In many cases, because of the simplicity it is frivolous to engage a lawyer from a large law firm when a small, boutique firm will do just as good for less. Use the free consultation that most divorce lawyers offer to shop for the best bargain.

If at all possible both you and your spouse should aim to have an uncontested divorce. If, during the proceedings the circumstances should change and the action is contested then you can look forward to court appearances which can drive the fees that you can expect from your Boise divorce lawyer much higher.

It is simple; the more work your lawyer has to expend on your case the more you will be charged. Because of the animosity which is usually a component of divorce proceedings it is easy to argue over things which are motivated by principle or spite, avoid these altercations as much as possible. Make it easy on everyone to reach equitable terms for child support, the division of marital property, etc simple and straight forward, if you don’t you will find that resistance costs more in the long run than the value of whatever it is your fighting about.

You can also potentially lower legal fees by relieving your Boise divorce lawyer of some duties. In many cases the fee structure than the lawyer quotes will include assistance with gaining spousal support, if the two parties have already agreed to an equitable arrangement without the assistance of the lawyer then perhaps the lawyer can reduce the fees accordingly.

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