Merits of Murphy Beds Suffolk County NY

Also known as wall beds, Murphy beds are currently a preference for most individuals in New York as they help to create and save space. This bed can be mounted on either a wall or a specially designed closet and also allow you to turn your space into a dual purpose room. Murphy beds also come with single or double sided drawers and/or cabinets and are designed so that they are securely mounted on a wall or in a closet and remain there until they are lowered onto the floor. Reasons to choose a Murphy Bed

1. They Provide Dual Function to a Room

With Murphy beds, you can be able to make a room have dual functions. As such, a home office can double up as a guest room since this bed is designed to slip into a specially designed closet or a wall. This essentially enables you to have the available space to put up your office and also convert it into a bedroom when the need arises.

2. They Save on Space

If you live in New York and have a small house that cannot accommodate traditional beds, then you should go for Beds in Suffolk County NY as they will help you create and save on space since you can easily slip them into a wall or closet. Also if you have children, you can create a playroom for them and not have to worry about the bed being messed as they are playing.

3. They are Stylish and Comfortable

Another reason why Beds in Suffolk County NY are so popular is because they are comfortable and stylish. Many furniture shops in New York have a quite a number of beautiful and elegant designs that you can choose from. These beds are also made using a variety of materials which include birch, mahogany, alder, cedar and oak. In addition, luxurious material such as soft leather, vinyl and polar fleece are also used to make Murphy beds. In addition, the mattresses used on these beds are very comfortable and water repellent. Having been in the furniture business for more than 30 years, Marc Williams Furniture is a shop you should visit if you want to buy a stylish and elegant bed.

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