Maximize Sales Profits through Fleet Car Auctions

When you’re looking to get rid of unwanted, unneeded fleet vehicles, choosing a reliable automotive remarketing company can make all of the difference. Depending on professionals to oversee the sales process on your behalf will ensure you receive the best price on your fleet vehicle inventory. This way, you can focus on other important business demands, without having to spend time marketing. Whether your vehicles are in excellent or poor condition, have low mileage or high mileage, a skilled company will work dedicatedly to get you the most satisfying profits.

Good & Bad Condition

Do you need to dispose of a fleet of vehicles, but they’re in poor condition? Many automotive remarketing companies pick up and sell vehicles that are in less than desirable shape. Whether you’re looking to dispose of wrecked or end-of-lease cars, trucks, or other types of vehicles, a dependable company can get you the returns you deserve. In addition, remarketers often strive to make the process even simpler for business owners by picking up fleet vehicle inventories in locations that are convenient for them.

Thorough De-Identification

Before many automotive remarketing companies transport vehicles to fleet car auctions, they make it a point to de-identify them. De-identification is an important step in the vehicle remarketing process, as it protects the privacy of previous owners. De-identification involves removing any names or contact information from a car, truck, or other form of vehicle. This is also beneficial to the selling process, as buyers receive vehicles that are essentially clean slates. Through your client portal, you’ll be able to view photos of your vehicles after they’ve been fully de-identified.

Sales via Auctions

Automotive remarketing companies typically sell a wide variety of automobiles for clients, including snow cats and construction vehicles. Through fleet car auctions, remarkets sell and collect payments on behalf of their clients. There are many different types of auctions remarketing companies frequent, such as truck auctions, public auctions, and construction equipment auctions. An experienced company will know what needs to be done to efficiently dispose of your unwanted fleet vehicles. You can easily keep track of the entire process online, and obtain status updates on your vehicles at any time and from any location.

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