Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham, IL Can Correct Facial Issues

Individuals that have suffered trauma to the facial area will need the assistance of Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL. This type of surgery is much more complex than routine dental care. Those suffering from facial issues from birth defects, deformities, injuries, or disease can enjoy improved health benefits from this type of surgery. Skin cancer is becoming more common in recent years. Early detection and removal of moles that are suspicious can lessen the likelihood of cancer spreading through the body. Cancer of the skin or mouth can also be diagnosed and treated through this type of surgery. Biopsies, skin grafts, and many other procedures can be treated by this type of surgeon.

Have you ever broken your nose? Someone with a broken nose will usually suffer breathing problems due to the septum being damaged or separated in the nose. The nose may develop a bump in the middle or may begin to curve. Sinus issues can develop and block the airways. Proper treatment and better breathing can be achieved through Maxillofacial Surgery Effingham IL. The appearance of the facial area is so important to self-esteem, and physicians that perform this type of surgery will fully understand how the patient feels and what type of corrections the patient needs.

Fortunately, many individuals that have facial features they may not like can be corrected. A physician that performs maxillofacial surgery can perform:

  *     Sinus lift procedures

  *     Tissue grafts

  *     Scar revision

  *     Mole removal

  *     Eyelid lesions

  *     Genioplasty (chin implants)

  *     Nasal surgery

  *     Removal of skin growths

  *     Jaw deformities or fractures

  *     Jaw cysts

  *     Skin cancer

  *     And many other facial and oral treatments to enhance the life of an individual.

The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. offers caring and compassionate services by their employees that are highly trained in correcting facial problems. If oral surgery is needed for wisdom teeth or any other care within the oral cavity, they can perform it. If the facial area has suffered from any other issues, the surgeon and staff will work diligently with the patient to obtain an outcome they’ll be pleased with. There’s never a reason to feel embarrassed about facial surgery or treatment that will enhance the quality of your life. Start feeling better about yourself and eliminate pain and discomfort through the use of maxillofacial surgery.

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