Making the Best of Space in Self Storage Virginia Beach, VA

by | Jul 31, 2012 | Storage

When it comes to rented storage spaces, the trick is to get as much stuff as possible in a small space in a safe and organised way. This does not only apply when it comes to putting your stuff in the self storage units. In order to make the most of the space that you have, you need to start space conservation right from the packing process at home or in the office.

Space is a very valuable concept in Self Storage Virginia Beach, VA. The more space you need, the more rent you will need to pay. In many cases, we end up spending a lot on space because we do not properly organise our stuff. You would be surprised how much you can fit in a single self storage unit and leave enough room for strolling in and out.

First of all, you will need a list of all the items to be placed in storage. With this list, you can comfortably organise your items to ensure that everything is accounted for and easy to locate. The following are some of the ways you can utilise the space you have in Self Storage Virginia Beach, VA:

  • Boxes are a great way of compacting many items into a single space. You can pile them up, arrange them in a straight line, and stack them up to the ceiling therefore utilising any available space. So purchase all the boxes you need whether small or large. You can purchase carton boxes, metal boxes, or plastic boxes depending on the kind of stuff you need to store.
  • If you have large furniture pieces such as desks with drawers, ovens and refrigerators, you can utilise the spaces inside these appliances to store some more stuff. By doing this, you will reduce the amount of extra space utilised by the items placed inside these spaces. You can fold all kinds of stuff into drawers.
  • When it comes to furniture pieces such as beds and tables, you can take them apart and arrange the parts along the walls of the self storage unit. It is important to safely store all the bolts and pieces for reassembling the furniture. These items take up too much extra space if they are stored as single units. Stack mattresses and such wide items to their side to save space.
  • Documents and books are easy to pack in moving boxes and therefore do not require so much space.
  • Always remember to leave some small spaces for ventilation and an isle from where you can pick stuff whenever you need them. You can also place items that you think you will frequently need at an accessible part of the self storage unit.

Self Storage Virginia Beach VA – Choose storage spaces with dimensions that provide adequate storage room for all your items. You can always confirm with the self storage company how much stuff you can fit into a single unit before renting it out. Go to for more of Self Storage Virginia Beach, VA.

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