Make Sure to Service Your Car in Scottsdale-The Actual Cost of Not Doing So

Money continues to be tight for many individuals, leading them to look for ways to cut expenses. One way many choose to do so is to put off regularly scheduled tasks recommended for their vehicle. Doing so not only puts you at risk of being involved in a wreck, it significantly reduces the lifespan of the car or truck. In fact, it can reduce the lifespan of the car by 25 percent or more. Are you willing to take this risk? Here are just a few examples of car problems which may occur if you don’t have these tasks done as recommended.

Regular oil changes cost approximately $120 a year, and are needed to ensure the engine remains lubricated and clean. The oil works to reduce friction within the engine as friction wears away at the parts. Oil should be changed every four months or every 5,000 miles, unless the car manufacturer recommends another schedule. If you fail to change the oil, you are risking complete engine failure and being forced to replace the entire engine, at an average cost of $4,000.

Brakes help to stop the vehicle, and eventually wear down with use. The shoes and disc pads need to be replaced regularly as wear increases, yet many vehicle owners fail to complete this simple repair. The average cost of doing so runs anywhere from $150 to $375, according to Auto MD. If the disc pads and shoes fail, the rotors and/or drums may need to be replaced, raising the cost of the repair to anywhere from $300 to $600. Have the brakes repaired regularly to prevent this from happening.

For the above mentioned reasons and many others, you need to ensure you Service your Car in Scottsdale. Contact AZ Auto Crafters Scottsdale for assistance with this task if you feel you cannot do the work on your own. This company offers everything you need to Service your Car in Scottsdale, from fuel diagnostic and periodic maintenance services to belts, oil changes, and tires. With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive service industry, the company understands exactly what is needed to keep your car running right at all times. Visit company for more information.

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