Maintaining the gutters of your home

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Roofing

Regardless of the material that your gutters are made from, they will need to be cleared at least once a year. It’s not that clearing the gutters in Knoxville is particularly difficult, but it most certainly is important.

The ideal time to clear your gutters is just prior to the onset of winter. The reason for this timing is that all the leaves that have accumulated in the gutters in Knoxville during the fall will be cleared out. This is important because if the winter rains should back up in the gutters or at the downspouts, there can be trouble with leaks and gutter damage.

How is the gutter cleaned?

During the spring, summer and fall debris can accumulate in the gutter; this can lead to a blockage which can cause problems. Most of the debris in the gutter will be nothing more than an accumulation of dead leaves, seeds from birds and the odd bit of airborne rubbish.

Clearing the gutter is a matter of climbing a ladder, scraping the gutter out and removing the debris. If you have a house where the gutters are either beyond the reach of your ladder or beyond the reach of your nerve, then calling a company that deals with the supply, installation and cleaning of gutters in Knoxville is recommended.

The most difficult part of gutter cleaning is the downspout as it is difficult to see from the ladder.

Once you have managed to clean the downspout, and you may have to flush it with the garden hose, place a piece of chicken wire or a commercial gutter guard over the hole, this will stop the debris from entering the drain.

Clearing the down pipe:

As mentioned, running water from the garden hose may clear any blockage in the downspout. If this fails, you will need to rod the blockage from above. Special rods for this purpose can be purchased from the hardware, however, if you have a sewer snake, it will do an equally good job.

What if the gutters sag?

If you have cleaned the gutters and rain water still comes over the top of the gutters in Knoxville, this will usually be caused by a potion of the gutter which is sagging. The gutter will sag for a couple of reasons:

* The screws that hold the gutter brackets are loose and simply need to be tightened to align the gutter
* A broken bracket, this is simple to replace and gutter brackets are readily available at the hardware store

If, after affecting the repairs as mentioned, the rain still spills over the gutter, the gutter may not be aligned properly. Use a spirit level to determine that the gutter is actually sloped gently toward the downspout, and not away from it. If the gutter is not aligned properly, small metal shims can be placed between the bracket and the gutter to solve the problem.

For installation or maintenance of gutters in Knoxville, you are invited to contact Roofing by RLI. The company provides the best materials and excellent workmanship for all their roofing and gutter customers.

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