Machu Picchu Trekking: Alternative Trails to Consider

There is nothing quite as satisfying as approaching the Machu Picchu courtesy of your own two feet. This is one of the reasons that one of your most popular options for Machu Picchu trekking is the classic Inca Trail. However, due to the popularity of the trail, and the damage that has occurred in the past, the Peruvian government has now limited the access to only 500 persons each day, which includes porters. The permits for the peak times of year sell out several months in advance.

This is why our team at Alpaca Expeditions offers alternative trail options, allowing you to enjoy your Machu Picchu trekking adventure without compromising the beautiful views or experience. Some of the alternative trails we offer are found here.

The Salkantay Route

While the Inca Trail is sought after due to the diversity in ecosystems and topography, the smorgasbord offered by the Salkantay Rout is far more impressive. Mount Salkantay, which reaches 20,500 feet, is one of the most sacred peaks in the Inca religious pantheon. This hike, which is horse-assisted, moves through the Mollepata Valley and over Salkantay, reaching an altitude of 15,000 feet. Our guides will help you set up for the night in the subtropical cloud forest, to avoid the otherwise quite chilly nights. After a good night’s sleep, you will travel along an ancient Inca highway that leads through the rediscovered Llactapata ruins. Continuing on, you will receive a rare sidelong view of Machu Picchu and then take a train to the base of this location.

The Lares Route

This route is famous for the extreme beauty offered. On this route, you will pass by communities of artisans and farmers, which is typically the only other people you will encounter on the trek. You will spend the first evening by a local village spending time with locals and playing games with the kids that live there. Once you reach the end of the Lares route, you are only a 90 minute train ride away from Aguas Calientes, the town below Machu Picchu, where you will spend your final night at a hotel in the town.

Our goal at Alpaca Expeditions is to provide you with exquisite views that you will never forget of the Peruvian landscape while enjoying your Machu Picchu trekking adventure. Each of our guides has a unique love and understanding of the land, ensuring your trip is not only visually stimulating, but also allows you to learn several things about the history of the land and landmarks you see and visit. We offer treks for all sizes of groups, which is why our services have grown so much in the past few years.

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