Machine Shop: CNC Machines, Precision And Tight Tolerances

Machine shops across the country have several things in common. One of the commonalities tying a machine shop in Minneapolis to one operating in Dallas is the use of CNC machinery. Today, the production of mechanical metal products involves the utilization of PC numerical control-CNC machines. Machine shops can produce various types of machinery at a lower cost than those produced manually. CNC machinery also offers other advantages – including the ability to manufacture components to extremely tight tolerances.

CNC Machines, Precision and Tight Tolerances

The choice of CNC machinery is often one where the operative word is precision. However, no matter what type of CNC equipment a machine shop prefers, it will produce a precise workpiece. Yet, the exact level of tolerance tightness will rely on the specific machine. Each CNC machine offers different tolerances. If the machine features several different axes, the capability exists for more precise and even tighter tolerances than machines utilizing a single axis.

Along with tight tolerances, CNC equipment offers machine shops the ability to replicate this quality. The machinery will continue to operate to the exacting and set specifications for the duration of the program’s run. If a customer in Minneapolis requests the same tolerance later, it is possible to resurrect and provide replicability easily. Of course, the quality of the machine will influence the quality of the tolerance.

Machine Shop

CNC machinery comprises an increasing component of the production equipment of many machine shops across the United States. Whether the choice for CNC machinery lies with the owner of a shop in Minneapolis or in Dallas, the rationale is the same. CNC allows the machine shop to produce precision work with high tolerances, quickly, efficiently and with significant levels of replicability. In doing so, it reduces the overall costs for both customers and the shop.

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