Are You Looking for a Dentist Who Offers Invisalign in Chesterfield, MO?

Traditional metal braces have been around for decades and they have also caused a good degree of teenage angst for decades! Wearing them at any age can be uncomfortable at times but many teens who need to wear them also experience embarrassment, awkwardness, social anxiety, and loss of self-confidence. Fortunately, there is now a better way to straighten teeth!

A Discreet Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Metal braces are effective but they are also unsightly and cause no end of social awkwardness for some people. The good news is that Invisalign technology now offers a better way to straighten the teeth without all of the embarrassment!

Invisalign braces are made of surgical-grade, BPA-free plastic and each one is custom made to suit each individual. Much as a mouth guard, it is placed snugly over the teeth and places enough pressure on them to move them into the proper position. Over time, new molds are made so that straightening continues. This is far easier and less of a hassle than old-style metal braces!

The Benefits of Using Them

Dental clinics that offer to make and fit Invisalign in Chesterfield, MO can be found everywhere. In terms of measurable benefits, Invisalign offers the following:

* Less embarrassment and self-consciousness because they are discreet and made of transparent surgical-grade plastic

* The ability to remove them and replace them easily for the purposes of cleaning teeth, flossing, cleaning the mold, or eating and drinking

* Fewer trips to the dentist to have them adjusted

* No wires or rubber bands to worry about

If you or someone you know needs to have his or her teeth straightened, New Age Dental Care can help. Call them on 636-449-0215 or visit for more information. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!

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