Learning More About Special Situations For Disability And Social Security In Fort Worth, TX

The state of Texas establishes social security disability eligibility based on an ability to work. The DDS evaluates the previous work history for the applicant to determine how the condition stopped him or her from continuing in this industry. They further examine the listed condition in terms of how it may affect the applicant’s chance of becoming gainfully employed in other fields. Disability and Social Security in Fort Worth TX are awarded based on a clear condition that is debilitating.

Special Situations that Qualify for Disability

Blindness is a common condition that qualifies for disability benefits. However, individuals with limited vision may also be eligible based on medical evidence that shows an inability to support themselves due to this condition. If medical evidence is not available, the SSA will send the applicant to an eye doctor for a full evaluation.

Low-income parents with disabled children may receive disability benefits. The child must qualify based on Texas disability guidelines. Furthermore, the parent must qualify due to an income that is less than $1,070 per month. At any time that the parent’s income increases the SSA will make adjustments. The agency will request further documentation at any time the parent’s income exceeds the limitation. They can request these records for his or her employer.

Widows or widowers qualify for disability and social security in Fort Worth TX under eligibility guidelines. She or he may receive benefits through the SSA’s survivor program if their spouse worked and contributed through social security taxes. The applicant is still eligible for these benefits if they remarry and still meet age requirements. Survivor benefits are also available for guardians who are caring for the worker’s minor children.

Disability benefits are awarded based on a disability, that existed at least one week prior to the death of the spouse. The applicant should be at least fifty for disability benefits and no younger than sixty for survivor benefits. When submitting an application for these benefits, she or he is required to include a death certificate. Some restrictions may apply based on the cause of death. The applicant should review these restrictions before submitting an application.

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