Learning about the Length of Stay in Senior Living Facilities

Learning about the Length of Stay in Senior Living Facilities When an elderly loved one suffers a serious injury or illness, it may not be safe for him or her to go home to recover. Instead, your loved one’s physician may recommend that he or she be transferred to one of the senior living facilities in the area.

However, before you sign off on sending your loved one to one of the local assisted living facilities, you may have questions about how long he or she must stay there. These factors are some that determine the length of a person’s stay there.

Recovery Pace

The amount of time that a person stays in one of these facilities depends on how fast he or she recovers from his or her illness or injury. Seniors who recover quickly can generally go home within a matter of weeks. However, elderly patients who fail to thrive often need to stay longer, if not indefinitely.

Terminal Illness

If the patient has a terminal illness that will progressively get worse in the near future, his or her physician may also recommend an indefinite stay. It is critical for this patient to be kept comfortable and safe during his or her final days. He or she needs constant monitoring for pain and distress management.

These factors are a few that contribute to how long people stay in assisted living facilities. You can find out more about the average stays online. Reach out to The Chelsea at Bald Eagle in West Milford, NJ.

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