Learn Why New York Contractors Use Concrete Wall Panels for Their Projects

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Concrete Contractor

You’ll find that concrete wall panels in NY are built in a controlled environment. This allows you to quickly finish exterior walls since you don’t need to frame and pour the concrete on site. Precast concrete wall panels are ideal for structural framing, especially since they help control moisture, heat, and air. You don’t sacrifice beauty for function as they’re available in various finishes. Best of all, they help lower your construction costs.

Quick and Easy

Your concrete wall panels are ready to install as soon as they’re delivered to your job site. They can be used year-round, which helps you make your deadline since you aren’t held back during any season. No cutting or processing is needed.

Ideal Exterior

Load-bearing concrete wall panels lower your framing costs by offering you a column-free perimeter for your building. They don’t need to be painted, but they still have an attractive appearance. You’ll find concrete wall panels available in styles resembling coastal boards, honeycomb patterns, Alpine wood, or fluted siding.

Long Lasting

If your concrete wall panels are installed properly, they’ll resist corrosion, impacts, and the damaging effects of the weather. As your building ages, these features will lower your maintenance and repair costs.

Once installed, concrete wall panels in NY provide continuous insulation along with inherent thermal mass inertia, which decreases your heating and cooling load while avoiding daily temperature swings. This saves energy. Visit Concreteworks Studio East at their website to see how you can take advantage of these benefits.

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