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Everyone desires to have beautiful, straight teeth, but not everyone loves the look and feel traditional braces give patients. In past years, the only option anyone had was to wear metal braces that were made up of brackets and wires that were not only uncomfortable but also unsightly. This caused embarrassment for the person wearing them, defeating the purpose of straightening a person’s teeth for cosmetic reasons. In recent years, Invisalign in Temecula has been growing in popularity. Now, rather than being embarrassed about your smile, you can love it, even while you have braces.

What Is Invisalign?

Otherwise known as clear braces, Invisalign is a clear alternative to straightening your teeth. They are meant to be almost invisible, allowing anyone to get their teeth straightened without the unsightly look of metal braces. The clear aligners that make up this new way to straighten your teeth are changed every two weeks to help your teeth align a little more with each change. The changes are gradual, which makes them less painful than traditional braces.

The Benefits

Aside from the obvious fact they are invisible, patients are also able to continue the same diet they followed before getting Invisalign in Temecula. This is due to the ability to remove the aligners. This removes the risk of sticky, chewy or other dangerous foods getting caught in your braces and causing serious tooth decay. Patients can also remove the aligners when they are brushing and flossing. This greatly reduces the risk of bacteria harboring in the braces, causing eventual damage to the gums. Allowing patients to brush and floss as normal is the best way to ensure proper hygiene and avoid the risk of gingivitis from wearing braces.

The treatment time is also greatly reduced. Invisalign straightens most everyone’s teeth within one year. This is in drastic difference to traditional braces that often take several years and many painful adjustments to straighten a patient’s teeth. Patients do not have to undergo painful adjustments or time-consuming appoints either. With Invisalign in Temecula, you only have to visit the dentist once every couple months. This is to monitor the progress of your teeth straightening efforts, as well as provide you with new aligners.

Invisalign in Temecula is becoming a popular choice for patients throughout the area. Giving patients a new way to straighten their teeth without painful adjustments, embarrassing wires and the need to avoid certain foods, the clear aligners are the perfect choice for people of all ages who desire straighter teeth.

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