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by | Aug 30, 2013 | Shopping

When it comes to the clothing you wear, you do not want to look like everyone else. You want to show your unique style. It is this style that makes it so you stand out from the crowd. Your style is funky and bohemian fashion at its best.

If your style also include tie dye, long skirts and other comfortable clothing, you will love grateful dead clothing. This type of clothing, celebrates all the best of the 60s in colorful and unique style. Always different and always cutting edge, this type of apparel has something for everyone at every stage of their life as well as for every budget.

While many people immediately think of peace signs and tie dye shirts when they think of grateful dead clothing, it is so much more than that. Think comfortable fitting clothing that features soft cotton materials, vibrant colors and unique styles. You also need to think about the fact that many of the types of clothes you find will have the famous bear screen printed on them that gives them a unique look while presented in a trendy package. High quality grateful dead clothing is made by people who really care about the issues supported by the band and its members.

For example, hoodies with the bear emblem feature soft and comfortable material that keeps you warm and cozy while also showing your hippie side. Stay cool in a cap sleeve mini dress with the colorful bear outlined against the material. Don a comfortable tshirt while flaunting your hippie style with the bear marching along the front of it.

Grateful Dead clothing also does feature the symbol of peace and harmony quite often: the peace sign. With the way this band embraced peace and love, it is no surprise that this symbol is featured heavily in any type of clothing that references them. In addition, you can find references to many of their most famous albums. These include those United Kingdom releases like Dark Star. You can also find many clothing choices with the famous Steal Your Face logo emblazoned on them.

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