Lawyers Practicing Criminal law in Sturgis, SD Are DUI Experts

South Dakota has some serious penalties when drivers are convicted of DUI charges. Someone who has been stopped for a traffic violation and ended up in handcuffs is likely to panic. The only sure thing seems to be not sleeping at home tonight. Who should be called? What happens when the boss finds out? Has the car been impounded? What about bail? What happens next?

South Dakota has the ‘Implied Consent Law’ which means that a driver suspected of being intoxicated must submit to testing by the officer. Refusing to take the test can be worse than failing the test. A refusal automatically results in a one year revoked license. The results of the test showing the blood-to-alcohol ratio determines what happens next. Whether or not the driver has been convicted for DUI previously, and how many times, determine the penalties upon conviction. A first-time DUI conviction could land the driver in jail for one year and result in a one year suspended license.

A conviction is also very expensive. After paying a $1,000 fine, court costs will have to be paid and they add up quickly. The car insurance premium will go up, assuming that the policy can be kept. If the court requires an ignition interlock device, the defendant pays for that. Lost time at work will be costly, also. The whole process is lengthy, involving arraignment, hearings, pre-trial motions, trial and appeals. A third conviction for DUI is a felony conviction. Anyone faced with this should find quality legal representation as soon as possible. There is a lot at stake.

Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP – has been providing the highest quality legal service to their clients for over 30 years. They provide a wide variety of legal services, including DUI, to individuals, organizations and businesses of all sizes. Their experienced lawyers and support teams are consistently able to successfully attain their client’s needs. One of the most widely known and respected firms in western South Dakota, the firm works hard to ensure that clients will trust them to handle their legal affairs for the long term. Whenever someone needs representation in either Civil or criminal law in Sturgis SD, this experienced team of professionals will be able to help.

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