Landscape Design in Milwaukee WI Helps Homeowners Get Gardens Ready for Summer

When temperatures start rising, and snow begins to melt, homeowners dream of spending time outdoors working on their lawns and gardens as well as planning landscape design in Milwaukee, WI. There are a number of chores homeowners should do each spring to help lawns and gardens get a head start on the summer growing season.

Clean up remnants of winter’s presence

Before any planting or other lawn work can be done, the lawn and flower beds need to be thoroughly cleaned. Winds knock down tree branches and snows damage shrubs. Neighbors may not clean up after their pets. No matter what is left behind when the snow is gone, it must be removed. Leaves, tree branches, and other debris can’t remain on a lawn either. In addition to cleaning up debris, it’s a good idea to cut back perennials that weren’t pruned before the weather turned cold.

Prepare flower beds

Composting, or fertilizing, beds, where perennials are planted, will help those flowers thrive throughout the growing season. Composting, which is the natural way to fertilize, helps provide essential nutrients to plants slowly and steadily. Adding compost around shrubs and larger plants as well as working it into the soil in planting beds will give these areas an added boost as the weather warms. Compost should be worked into the soil well to help it do its job most effectively. If chemical fertilizers are needed to kill off pests or certain plant diseases, it’s important to apply them as directed on the packaging.

Do preventative pest treatment

Four-legged pests, insects, and opportunistic weeds can ruin a lawn or garden. To help prevent this, homeowners can take some preventative steps. A pre-emergent chemical fertilizer stops crabgrass and similar weeds from growing at all. Insects can be controlled in several different ways, with both chemical and natural remedies. Watering carefully, watching for pests and interspersing different types of plants in beds are all recommended ways to help control insects. Four-legged pests, such as deer and rabbits, can be persuaded to leave a garden alone when the plants they prefer aren’t available. Protecting a garden with a fence also keeps out animals that like to feast on plants. Visit the website of Bluemels Landscape Design in Milwaukee, WI to get more ideas for preparing a lawn and garden for summer.

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