Labor and Employment Law in Houston Must Be Understood so Lawsuits Can be Prevented

Any company with more than one employee on it’s payroll needs to have legal counsel who practice labor and employment law. The employment laws that are on the books today are complicated enough, but they are made more complicated by the state and Federal court decisions which have resulted in ruling parts of the laws either unconstitutional or in conflict with other laws. This means that the trade magazine explanation of an employment law 5 years ago may not be valid today. The landscape of employment law changes often and it is impossible for any person without a legal background to keep up with it. A business association writer cannot possibly inform you about the state or Federal labor and employment laws.

These are laws that are the cause of lawsuits rendering verdicts in the millions against the employer. Even if the employer wins, a significant amount of money has been spent defending the company. It is very possible that the lawsuit could have been prevented by using the Labor and Employment Law in Houston.

However, the best defense is making sure that your company will never need a defense. This is accomplished by attorneys who know the state and Federal laws reviewing your personnel policies and helping you draft rules that protect your employees from harassment, discrimination, and physical and emotional harm. The Labor and Employment Law in Houston can be easily written into the company manuals that deal with these issues.

Company managers and supervisors would be well advised to listen to an attorney who would speak to this group in detail about what the laws stipulate and what action could be taken if these laws were violated. Too many people in a supervisory position do not believe the joke everyone is laughing at could turn into a lawsuit, or a cartoon ridiculing an ethnic minority could become the subject of a lawsuit. Laws on harassment need to be fully explained because they often are not taken seriously. The Equal Employment Opportunity Law needs to be explained also.

While it is not done often enough, inviting an attorney who knows the labor and employment laws to describe them in detail to the management staff can prevent problems in the future. Consult the Law Offices of Filteau and Sullivan for more information on this important topic.


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