What Is a Kolache?

If you are ordering kolache delivery in Houston TX, it would be a good idea to know what kolache is. Kolache is a round shaped pastry that is filled with fruits, nuts or even meats, at times, depending on who makes the kolache. The kolache has its’ roots in eastern Europe and it landed in America by way of eastern European immigrants in the 19th century. Traditional kolache consists of only fruit filling and the various fruits used for the filling include apple, pineapple, prunes and apricots. Contemporary versions of kolaches contain meats or vegetables.

You Can Eat Kolaches for Breakfast or Dessert

When you have your kolache delivery in Houston TX, you may wonder when is the best time to eat kolaches. Most people eat kolaches for breakfast with coffee and other breakfast foods and a majority of bakeries sell fresh kolaches in the morning. But, you don’t have to limit your consumption of kolaches to just breakfast. Others choose to eat kolaches for dessert instead of cookies and candies. If you have meat-filled kolaches, they can be eaten for lunch.

Things You Can Serve With Kolaches

You can serve kolaches alone, but there are other foods you can also serve with them. If it’s breakfast time, some good foods to serve with kolaches include turkey sausage links, eggs and fruits. For lunch you can serve kolaches as a snack to go with any meats and vegetables you serve to guests. If you like to dip kolaches in liquid you can serve the kolaches with preserves, honey, or flavored herb butter, especially if you like savory kolaches.

How Are Kolaches Made?

The baker starts by combining yeast and water in a bowl and in a medium sized pot he or she heats up milk. To the milk, the baker adds some sugar and butter before adding milk to the yeast/water mix. Flour is then added and then the baker mixes everything thoroughly. The baker would then add the filling and shape the dough into medium sized balls before baking them.

Kolaches are delicious treats that have their origins in eastern Europe and that are made in diverse ways. Because Texas has a huge Czech immigrant population, this state is a hotbed for the sale of kolaches. Kolaches make for good appetizers at parties of for family Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners. Children of all ages will also enjoy kolaches just like adults.

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