Know Your Rights About Child Support in Suffolk County, NY

Child support is designed to make sure the kids are taken care of financially, after a divorce or legal separation. If you were ordered to pay child support in Suffolk County, NY, you will find yourself in a lot of legal and financial trouble when it catches up to you. If the other parent doesn’t report this default in making payments, nothing will happen in the short term, but if a deal was made and the parent ordered to pay defaults on payments, in the eyes of the law, they are neglecting the children and ignoring a legally binding contract that will be enforced by the state.

Patricia Issberner, Attorney at Law, can help you in getting the child support you and your children deserve. Patricia is familiar with several factions of the law and handles Child Support in Suffolk County, NY among other types of cases. Some include legal counseling, divorce, separations, annulments, parental rights cases, and more.

If They Won’t Pay Child Support As Ordered, You Can Sue Them In A Court Of Law



If a parent fails to pay child support, he can be forced to do so through the courts and even as far as wage garnishment if the debt stacks up. The parent who fails to pay will end up paying everything and accrue hefty fines, and could even be forced to do jail time for contempt of court and breaking the law.

If you have previously owed child support, you can file for a motion to let the judge know they have failed to follow through with the child support payments he/she agreed upon. This will put the court into action, contacting your former spouse to get the money and get them to pay back owed money and forcing them to continue to pay as they were supposed to. If the spouse ignores the scheduled court hearing, the judge will sign a bench warrant for their arrest. If, however, they appear, the judge will hear their grievances and see if there is a way to fix the situation in a win-win. If no other way is possible, they will order your spouse to pay or go to jail. It’s as simple as that.

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