What you Should Know About Dumpster Rental in Portland, OR

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Business Services

If you are doing construction on your home or planning a large cleanup, there are some things about dumpster rental in Portland, OR you should know. There are strict regulations as to what you can and cannot put out with your weekly trash. These regulations often ban you from tossing construction debris, large amount of landscaping materials, and extensive cleanup jobs, such as those that occur when tenants move or basements must be cleaned up. For these reasons, renting a dumpster is a sensible alternative.

The way a dumpster rental works is that you call a company that specialize in renting dumpsters. Order the size you want, and on the agreed upon day, the dumpster will be delivered to your home. You will have use of this dumpster for as long as the rental period. The dumpster will then be picked up. You do not have to worry about hauling anything away; everything is done for you.

rental companies have several different sizes of dumpsters available. You will have to estimate the size you need. It is rare that a homeowner would need the largest size for normal household use. For most instances, a small or medium sized dumpster will be more than enough. You will need a flat, secure area for the dumpster’s placement. Driveways are often used for this purpose. If you cannot use your driveway or yard, you may have to keep it in the street. This comes with its own set of regulations depending on the area you live in.

One final thing about dumpster rental in Portland, OR that homeowners should know is that you will need a permit. You should obtain this before you have the dumpster delivered. To obtain what is called a quick permit in Portland, Oregon, you must fill out an application. It takes a minimum of one business day to process this application. The quick permit is used by those who are unable to keep the dumpster on their property and need to have it placed in the street. Once the application has been reviewed, you will get a call and will have to pay the permit fee.

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