Kirby Morgan: A Renowned Maker of Top Diving Equipment

Diving is a mix of science and art. It can provide for a thrilling adventure, but it can also be dangerous when you’re not fully prepared for the conditions you will encounter under water. Kirby Morgan stands out in the industry as being the manufacturer of some of the most effective and high-quality equipment for professional, sports and military divers. Learn more about the various types of gear offered by this company.

One popular mask from the company is the Bandmask 28. It can be used in shallow water air diving as well as mixed-gas diving, where divers breathe mixed gases such as heliox—a mixture of oxygen and helium—instead of breathing a combination of oxygen and nitrogen. Heliox is recommended for extremely deep diving since helium doesn’t give divers an intoxicating feeling no matter how deep they go. The Bandmask 28 is designed to help divers breathe more easily due to its high flow of gas and low inhalation resistance.

Full Face Masks
Another type of mask from which divers can benefit is a face mask called the M-48 MOD-1. It has two cavities: The lower part can be removed for conserving air and for allowing you to speak normally when you’re diving. This lower pod can additionally be removed under water when you have to make gas switches or need to share your gas with someone in an emergency situation. This mask is known for its strong buckle system, visibility and flexibility when it comes to mounting cameras, lights and other external components. A huge benefit of this mask is that it is lightweight.

Air Control Systems
Yet another valuable diving tool is the KMACS 5, an air control system that enables a tender, or topside operator, to communicate clearly with a surface supported driver. The tool also controls a diver’s air supply and monitors his or her depth. The air control system has a lengthy work life, thanks to its thick corners and double-wall construction. The lightweight yet high-impact case made from polyethylene plastic further makes this tool convenient to use. Kirby Morgan is known for making divers’ underwater experiences much more productive and efficient.

The Diving Equipment Company of America provides Kirby Morgan products. To find out more about the company’s equipment options, visit Website Domain.

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