Keeping Your Little Dirt Bike Rider Safe

If you love dirt biking and can’t wait to get your kids started in this exciting past time it is important to keep in mind their safety should come first. With the quick pace of dirt bike riding it is easy to get caught up in the moment and safety is forgotten. Here are some tips to help get your little dirt biker started the right way from the start.

The Bike: Dirt biking can be expensive but the good news is that the right bike for a child is going to be less expensive as it is smaller. You may be considering buying a bigger bike they can grow into, but this would be the wrong decision. Your child has to be able to handle the bike so they learn to ride properly and safely. A popular bike for kids is the CRF150.

The Gear: Teaching your child how to protect themselves should be your number one priority. Make sure they have all the gear they need and understand its importance and how to wear it. Your child should have a proper fitting helmet with visor, well padded pants and jacket and boots.

Essential Dirt Bike Part: Installing plastic hand guards will help protect the clutch from damage. Falling often is part of the learning process but it also can cause serious damage to the clutch in the process. The plastic hand guards will not bend like the metal ones. Another dirt bike part you want to bring along is a new set of levers as it is very likely you might need them at some point.

Proper Position and Falling: During the learning process there will be falling. Teaching your child to fall properly will help them avoid injury and will also help keep them from being afraid of falls. Get them into their gear and have them do some fake falls so they see that their gear works. Teach them to fall light as air, relaxed and not tensing as when someone tenses up they are more likely to get hurt. Good position starts first with learning how to use the controls and then proper riding position. Trying to teach both will confuse your child. Let them learn the controls and then you can let them know the best position.

Wearing the right gear and knowing how to ride safely will become natural to them eventually.

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