Keeping Customers Safe When A Glass Replacement in St. Louis, MO Is Imminent

When a business has a glass storefront window that becomes cracked, it will become necessary to take steps to ensure those visiting the establishment are kept safe. Calling for a glass replacement in St. Louis, MO will need to be done right away to help avoid unnecessary injuries from happening. Here are some steps those in the building can take when waiting for a service to arrive, so no one comes into contact with broken glass shards.

Provide A New Entrance

It will be best to allow people into the building using a different entryway, so they are kept away from the broken glass as a result. Placing a sign in front of the building indicating an alternate doorway to access will keep people far enough from the glass while visiting the interior of the building. This can be placed along the sidewalk instead of on the glass itself, so distance is kept throughout the wait for a glass service to arrive.

Use Visible Tape

Placing yellow tape in front of the storefront will alert customers there is a problem with the window, so they are more inclined to stay away from the area. It is also a good idea to place pieces of wide masking tape across the window so it will be visible from a distance.

Hire Help To Do Repair During Off-Hours

Calling a service to come do a glass replacement means there will be shards of glass in the area of the window when the old pane is removed. Because of this, it is a good idea to schedule service during a time when the establishment is closed to customer usage. Ask a service to come to the building after the store has closed or on a weekend day when it is normally not open for shoppers.

Finding the right service to do a glass replacement in St. Louis, MO is important. Click here to learn more about the many services provided from a reputable service in the area. An evaluation of the storefront window can be scheduled and an estimate for the installation of a new pane will be given at that time.

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