Keep the Interior of That Building Dry Using Expert Commercial Roof Contractors

A leak in the roof of a business can be a real problem because the water entering the building could damage expensive equipment, supplies, or products. Eliminating the problem could be as simple as a patch, but this may depend on the kind of roof covering the structure. Commercial buildings typically use a roofing solution known as BUbuilt-up up roofing) because they have a low-sloped roof. However, certain kinds of buildings will require a more steeply sloped covering. Pitched roofs can be covered using a variety of materials including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, fiber cement tiles, and metals such as copper or steel. Repairing damage to this kind of roof usually requires the help of expert Commercial Roof Contractors.

One of the reasons BUR is so popular in commercial installations is that the roof is generally easy to repair. BUR consists of several layers of roofing felt interlaced with asphalt. The exact number of layers will depend on the type of BUR being installed. BUR must be placed over a sturdy layer of decking such as plywood. Reliable decking is required, so any pooling of water on the roof is limited. Pooling is the result of small dips in the roof. Large pools of water might cause the roof to sag from the additional weight. However, some pooling is unavoidable with a low sloped roof.

There are several reasons why BUR installations get damaged, and one of the most common is age. That is, the oils in the asphalt dry out, and the material begins to crack. Some problems are caused by people walking over the roof. For example, technicians making repairs to comfort systems can cause damage to the BUR. Commercial Roof Contractors can usually eliminate these issues with a patch. If the problem is severe, the contractor may need to add another layer to the roof.

One alternative to BUR is a polymer known as TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin). TPO is placed in long strips, and the seams are welded with automated tools. This creates a reliable roof that is very weather resistant. Another possibility is EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), which is a synthetic rubber membrane. Certain types of EPDM can be used to reflect solar rays and reduce heat buildup underneath the roof. Get more information about commercial roofing from the experts at

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